eighteen in total

Procrastination. I was the queen of it whilst at uni and looks like I’m coming back to re-claim my crown. And there it sits – in all it’s shiny, golden, bejewelled glory – right on top of my assessment folder. That’s right – it’s report writing time, and what better way to use that time than to be on here blogging about it.
I’ve got eighteen reports to write in total, so not that bad really. I’m just struggling to find new and exciting ways to write words like “developing”, “assist”, “easily distracted”. Anyone have a thesaurus that has more synonyms than my macbook?
The scary thing with writing these reports is that I feel my teaching is on display through a series of dots falling into place from column A to column E. Students with dots in the D or E column? I’ve failed them! Column A? Must have been a good day.
Is this how other teachers feel? That reports are a reflection of how we are as teachers?

Love xx

One last thing… two blogs in one day – must be getting back into it. 😉


Here we are again!

Hands up if you are the most lazy blogger around? Yep. Right here.

It’s almost been 5 months since my last confessi… oops I mean blog. And here I am again – back to fill people in on the trivial going-ons in my life.
Work has been going so well, I love the school I’m at and all my little cherubs are amazing. Constant daily reminders of how they love me and I’m “so beautiful” are enough to make a girl come back. But seriously, I cannot explain how it feels when I have been teaching them a concept or topic and it suddenly clicks with them and THEY GET IT. It makes all the not so good days totally worth it.
I think being a teacher has made me realise certain traits about myself – perfectionist (maybe borderline OCD?) and an unhealthy obsession with stationery.

That’s all I’ve got in me for the moment… going to have to take little steps to find that level of blogtivation I had back in January.

Love xx

day number two

Today is my second day for a number of things. My second day of clean eating, exercising, and blogging! 
I woke up this morning with a clear mind, thinking about how exciting becoming this ‘new me’ will be and already thinking what my exercising for today should be. I’ve been checking out fitness shops for some new workout gear, however instead of rushing out and buying some expensive gear straight away, I’m going to use it as a personal reward/incentive. If I can keep up my new regime and make this my new lifestyle for one month, then I will buy myself some new workout clothes. To resist the urge to buy for me is huge – I’m very proud of myself.

Stay positive peeps.

Steph x

all it takes is that first step

Before I head off to bed tonight, I just wanted to blog that I achieved my first goal of getting out and exercising tonight. Went for a 2.5km walk. I was so excited to mark it onto my fitness board. I know 2.5kms is not a huge walk, but it’s the first step towards the new me and the way my life will be now.

I am in control of who I am and who I want to be. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Night, lovers.

Steph x

happy holidays

I’ve now been on holidays for around… umm… just under one month. I consider myself lucky to have had such a long break (I won’t be going back to work for another two weeks or so). I remember before I finished up at work for 2012 I was filled with all these dreams and ideas of how I would spend each day of my holidays. I feel that Pinterest is partially (almost completely) is to blame. Filling my head with a million “how to’s”. How to organise my home, my office, my daughter’s wardrobe. How to paint my nails, apply my eye make-up, become a fabulous artist. How to develop a green thumb, draw a cartoon character, turn a new dresser into a vintage one. How to bake, how to sew, how to eliminate mould. You name it… there is a pin for it. Now, please don’t be mistaken. I do not hate Pinterest. In fact, I cannot get enough of it. I have a board for wedding ideas, a board for family management and a board for almost every aspect of classroom life (with so many ideas I want to introduce into my classroom!). However, as I said earlier Pinterest gave me false aspirations as to how I would be spending my holidays. My holidays have, in fact, been spent trying to behaviour manage my darling (almost three year old) daughter, Z. She is like a fun little whirlwind that likes a new activity every few minutes and must be involved in anything and everything. If this is not the case, the little whirlwind will turn into full-blown (excuse the pun) tornado. Have you ever seen a tornado throw a tantrum? It’s not pretty. Anyway (I have a habit of getting off-topic), today was the very first day in my holidays where I have felt productive! Z and I went shopping for some items we needed around the house, I went to my weight loss centre to get weighed and measured (first time since before Christmas and only put on a tiny bit of weight!), Z and I baked some choc-chip cookies (don’t tell the weight loss centre!) AND… wait for it… I actually created something I saw on Pinterest! I have created two boards, that I guess I will call my motivation/health and fitness boards. The idea behind the boards is mainly for goals/motivation. For every kilo I lose, I move a peg from the top section to the bottom section. For every day I do some kind of physical exercise I mark it on the calendar. I also placed quotes and sayings that I find inspirational on there. Today is my first day… so wish me luck!


Steph x